All About Sparkle

Sparkle is an extraordinary support group for parents with autistic children in Sheffield! 

Being parents ourselves, we understand how challenging and stressful it can be to raise children with autism. We aim to support and enrich the lives of parents and families throughout the challenges they face, by providing guidance and advice, regular parent groups, peer support and mentoring, and individual support so you can talk to someone who understands!

Our children are beautiful, special and unique, and each has their own individual needs. As the saying goes, "If you've met one child with autism, you've met one child with autism!". As parents, we know this; we experience challenges each day and are united in finding a "new normal" that works for us! If only wider society is rarely so understanding... Many of us have found difficulty accessing the right support, a sense of isolation, fear of what's to come or desperation at those who do not understand.

Whether you're at the start of a journey towards diagnosis or have been a special needs parent for years, rest assured that you are not alone! Feel free to drop in at one of our many parent groups, join our page on Facebook or get in touch!

What We Do

Sparkle offers a range of activities for families with a child on the spectrum, including:

  • Regular Parent and Child play sessions
  • Sibling and Special Child groups
  • Peer support and mentoring
  • Hand holding mentors who accompany parents to appointments and meetings
  • Individual sessions giving parents the opportunity and time to just talk things through
  • Guest speakers from health and education services to address problem areas such as communication, potty training, puberty and other difficult issues
And much more!

We have hosted events, such as the Autism Fayre, and have much more exciting plans to unveil over the next few months! Be sure to like Sparkle Sheffield on Facebook or subscribe to this blog to be notified of forthcoming events.